So it’s my birthday and today I’m eating dessert.

This year, as my resolution, I’m not eating dessert all year. I was allowed to have dessert on husband’s birthday, those are my rules because I’m the one choosing the rules. I had ice cream on my anniversary. And today is the big day, today I can eat cake all day.

Now, the thing is, what am I going to tell myself? Because it all happens to us, we want to indulge once in a while, right? And the problem is, when we indulge, is that we talk to ourselves differently, right? So let’s say that you’ve been good, you’ve done your workouts, you’ve eaten very healthily and you’ve changed your habits. And all the sudden, there it is, this amazing little chocolate fudge cupcake calling your name. And then you buy it, you go to your car and you eat it as you hide because you don’t want anybody to see do this, right, it is a sin!

And then you’re not even at the second bite that the guilt hits and then it starts, “Well, of course, I bought the cupcake. I’m so weak and I have sweet-tooth and I have no will-power. I’m so bad, no wonder why I’m overweight.” And then you start talking to yourself that way. So this will send orders to your personal assistant that’s in your head taking notes of what it is that you want. So it’s writing down, “Okay, she wants to have no will-power. She wants to be weak, she wants to buy the cupcake. She wants the cupcake to control her. So I’m going to make sure this happens.”
So you want to start talking to yourself different because if you start going down that slope and you start talking to yourself that way, then your day’s screwed up anyway and you’re going to be like, “Well, I guess I may as well buy a second one now, my day is already screwed up.” And more than that, you will stop at the drive-through and grab a doughnut while you’re at it and for dinner, you’ll have burgers and fries and you may as well even have a tub of ice cream to finish it off…

Watch the video to find out what to say to yourself instead… #bdaycake #itsmybirthday #enjoylife #positiveselftalk #endnegativeselftalk #selfsabotage #thinkyourselfacademy


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